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Is Patagonia Worth It?

Patagonia is one of the most popular manufacturers of outdoor gear including sweaters, jackets backpacks, hip waders, and just about everything you might need for your outdoor excursions. Despite a relatively high price tag compared with their competitors, people rave about Patagonia and many repeat customers highly recommend their stuff. So is Patagonia really worth it?

Is Patagonia Worth It

Is Patagonia Worth It?

Oh yeah, Patagonia is worth it. While their prices place them at the top end of the market for quality outdoor gear, they give customers many reasons to choose them over their competitors. For starters, Patagonia offers a lifetime guarantee on their products; they offer recycling services; and they give 1% of their sales to non-profits every year.

While a lifetime guarantee doesn’t seem all that novel these days, Patagonia provides a no-frills service. It’s pretty simple and makes the higher purchase price palatable. But a lifetime warranty is not the only thing that makes Patagonia worth it, they offer recycling program for Patagonia products! This is not offered by many companies and is part of Patagonia’s effort to protect the planet. They offer a mail in service of just drop off your old Patagonia gear at your nearest retail store and you can be part of their company mission. Also, most Patagonia products are made with either eco-friendly or recycled materials, so you when you buy Patagonia you can feel good about helping the planet!

While their lifetime guarantee and recycling program are top notch, they might not be enough for some people to get past some of the prices (bandanas and socks come in at $25 and waders at $750). To continue with their mission to protect the planet, Patagonia gives 1% every year to grassroot non-profits.

With Patagonia, you’re not just buying outdoor gear, you’re buying a brand, nay, the identity of an outdoorsman (or woman). So, yes, Patagonia is worth it. Their lifetime warranty, recycling program, non-profit donations, and identity as one of the world’s leading outdoor wear and environmentalist companies should do the trick.

Is Patagonia a High End Brand?

Patagonia is most definitely a high end brand. Each garment is made with the highest quality materials including dye-free wool and 100% organic cotton to ensure maximum comfort and long-term durability. Patagonia gear is designed to deliver optimal functionality for outdoor activities. Unlike many other high end brands, a significant portion of the price tag of Patagonia items feeds into extensive research and development to ensure the best materials and processes are used.

Is Patagonia Worth It

Does Patagonia have a Lifetime Warranty?

Patagonia stands behind everything they manufacture with its "Ironclad Guarantee". If one of their products does not perform to your satisfaction, you can return it to the store you bought it from or to the Patagonia Repair Center directly for a hassle free repair, replacement or refund.

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