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Are PopSockets Worth It?

Have you seen one of those plastic devices fixed to the back of someone's phone and wondered, what the heck is that thing and what does it do?  What are PopSockets? A PopSocket is a small expandable grip that pops onto the back of your cellphone or tablet. They make your device much more comfortable and easy to grip. The PopSocket can expand and collapse, allowing the user to hold the phone safely and securely for calling, texting, selfies, surfing, or looking at photos. They keep the hand relaxed while maintaining a firm grip on the phone. These little devices are super multi-functional - people can use PopSockets as a stand for their phones, supporting a phone up in the portrait and landscape position. Gamers can attach these accessories to their phones and tablets and can use them as a joystick. The PopSocket also helps in relieving stress with their fidget-friendly popping! PopSockets are made of three parts which are a flexible, decorative disc, an accordion-like stem, and a