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Are PopSockets Worth It?

Have you seen one of those plastic devices fixed to the back of someone's phone and wondered, what the heck is that thing and what does it do? 

What are PopSockets?

A PopSocket is a small expandable grip that pops onto the back of your cellphone or tablet. They make your device much more comfortable and easy to grip. The PopSocket can expand and collapse, allowing the user to hold the phone safely and securely for calling, texting, selfies, surfing, or looking at photos. They keep the hand relaxed while maintaining a firm grip on the phone.

These little devices are super multi-functional - people can use PopSockets as a stand for their phones, supporting a phone up in the portrait and landscape position. Gamers can attach these accessories to their phones and tablets and can use them as a joystick. The PopSocket also helps in relieving stress with their fidget-friendly popping!

PopSockets are made of three parts which are a flexible, decorative disc, an accordion-like stem, and a circular base with adhesive that makes it stick to your phone.

What is the purpose of a PopSocket?

Let's look at some important things that a PopSocket can do:

1. Get a grip and stop dropping!

The most common and obvious uses of a PopSocket is that it provides additional grip. This is most useful for people with larger smartphones. For those who drop their phone a lot, or have smaller hands and often find it difficult to hold the phone comfortably, PockSockets can be a huge help. With a PopSocket, you can hold your device one-handed and surf with ease. In addition to this, it is much more comfortable. The Popsocket's small size allows you to wrap only two fingers around it, making it appear your phone is floating in your hand!

Are PopSockets Worth It

2. Perfect-Picture Selfies

PopSockets make it easy to take great selfies. This is because the Popsocket makes it easier to hold your phone with one hand, making reaching the shutter button easy for anyone! They allow you to take pictures from a greater number of angles, and the firm grip means you no longer need to fumble your phone awkwardly around as you find the best shot.

Young positive woman having fun and making selfie video in the ...

3. It props up your phone

The Popsocket helps you prop your phone or tablet up for a better view while playing games or watching videos. 

If you are using one Popsocket, just pop it out twice and lean your phone in landscape orientation. (This works best when the Popsocket is more toward the center of the phone, or else it will fall over.) Using this method might take a few tries to get right. For those using larger devices such as tablets, it is good to use two Popsockets. Using this method, you can make your tablet stand up on a table or hang it in either landscape or portrait mode.

Are PopSockets worth it

4. Use it as a media stand.

A Popsocket serves as an amazing stand. You can easily pop them and use as media stand to watch videos, take photos using your self-timer or even use or to even use your phone as an alarm clock by the beside.

Is the PopSocket worth it

5. Easy grip while running.

How to carry one's phone during running is a common question ask by runners, as they know it can easily slip out of their hands!. This is where Popsocket comes into play. The Popsocket helps you hold your phone relaxed manner while you are engaging in various physical activities like running. It also makes it much easier to take action shots!

Is the PopSocket Worth It

6. Video calls

This allows you to easily mount your phone on your laptop even during a video call, enabling you to go hand-free so that you can multi-task. You can continue to work on your laptop while you talk. You can make use of the stand so that you do't have to hold it.

7. Earphone management system

Users can wrap their earphones or earbuds around their PopSockets to keep them in one place and tangle-free.
Is the PopSocket Worth It

8. Gaming

When you attach two PopSockets to the back of your phone, you can turn your phone or tablet into a joystick.

Is the PopSocket Worth It

9. Passing the phone

You can easily pass your phone to another person when it has a PopSocket. This serves to help you move your phone even without standing up. 

Are PopSockets worth it

10. Accessorize 

Let's face it, some PopSockets add some pop to your phone's look and make a statement! 
Are popsockets worth it?

Are PopSockets worth it?

Popsockets are worth the price. For under $10, this little contraption will add a ton of functionality to your mobile device. PopSockets may look a bit quirky, but they are versatile, practical, and make a great accessory. 

Durability and flexibility are the keys to a genuine Popsocket's design. The accordion portion of the Popsocket turns a full 360 degrees and has two telescopic levels to adjust the tilt of the screen. The sticky backing on the platform can be reused - this means you can remove and reposition the PopSocket as often as you want without losing adhesion. 

On top of this, the PopSocket is designed with ergonomics in mind. Scrolling too much on the screen hurts the thumb after a long time. The PopSocket allows you to hold the phone from behind like a book instead of gripping the width of the screen. The change in grip makes scrolling much more comfortable! Holding your phone and hitting the capture button while taking a selfie has also been made easier with the PopSocket.

How do you use a PopSocket stand?

Take note of the following steps if you want to use a PopSocket like a pro:
1. Firstly, purchase a PopSocket from the brand’s official website or authorized reseller.
2. Decide where to attach the PopSocket.
3. Peel off the sticker on the adhesive surface

4. And lastly, stick the PopSocket to your phone.
it is worth buying a PopSocket

Can you take off a PopSocket?

Once attached to your tablet or phone, PopSockets are super durable and won't come off with regular use. Nevertheless, you may eventually want to remove your Popsocket and stick it to another device. This can be done very easily! All you have to do is slide your fingernails under the base and tug lightly. Using a credit card may also help here. Below are some more detailed steps to guide you.

1. If your PopSocket is expanded, you can push the top down.
Users should not try to remove the Popsocket from their devices while it is still expanded. The Popsocket may detach from its base during the removal process.

2. Work your fingernails under the base of the Popsocket.
The next step is to press your fingernails against the sides of the Popsocket's base, and then push until you can feel them sliding underneath. You don't have to push too far - just enough until you have a good grasp on the Popsocket. At this point, you should already be able to feel the base of the Popsocket pulling away from your phone. If your fingernails are short, using a credit card will help with this step!

3. Pull the Popsocket off your phone slowly.
Hold the Popsocket lightly as you pull. Do it gently and slowly until the PopSocket comes off. Try to peel off the PopSocket, starting from one side and pulling toward the other.

How do you make a PopSocket sticky again?

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Give your PopSocket gel a quick rinse.
2. Let it air dry for about 10 minutes but not more than 15 minutes; otherwise, it will dry out.
3. Stick your Popsocket product back onto your phone and allow it to sit for a few hours before you engage it again. This will give it a strong hold.

How do you know if a PopSocket is real?

Here are some ways you will know if a PopSocket is counterfeit or the real thing:

1. You know you have a real PopSocket in your hands if you see a 3M TM branding on the back of your PopSocket.

2. A real PopSocket grip will always have a clear transparent cover that always protects the repositionable gel adhesive.

3. A real PopSocket grip will make a pop sound when being extended.

4. The real PopSocket also maintains its shape once extended, providing a firm stand.

5. A fake PopSocket will be flimsy and can collapse when using it as a stand.

6. A real PopSocket will have clear PopSockets branding debossed into the base plate of the device.

7. Check for "Popsockets.com" and a patent number at the base of the grip to know that you have a real PopSocket.

PopSockets are popular for good reason - they increase the fun and functionality of your phone or tablet while providing ergonomic benefit. 

Let us know if you have any questions about Popsockets; we will love to hear from you soon!

Are PopSockets Worth It
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