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Is Warby Parker Worth It?

Were you shocked at how much you spent last time you bought a new pair of glasses? As a lifetime glasses wearer and annoyingly value conscious Corporate Buyer, I've also often contemplated the giant sums of money I've spent on buying assembled plastic and glass. The $400-500 price tag and what I'm getting in return just don't seem to add up. Shouldn't improving technology and innovation be driving down the price of glasses over time? What gives? Why are glasses so expensive? Why are glasses so expensive? The high cost of running a brick and mortar operation is built into every retail product. The truth is, when you buy glasses from a retail store, you're not just paying for the glasses. The costs of running a brick and mortar retail operation including rent, utilities, advertising and paying staff to physically be there are all built into the price of the glasses. The store also pays licensing fees to the manufacturers for the right to sell their

How do I Save Money on a Car Rental?

After several years spent renting cars for work almost on a weekly basis, I had the chance to get well acquainted with the infamous racket known as the car rental industry. Being a typical Corporate Buyer, a few short weeks after beginning to travel often for work, I was already getting a kick out of figuring out ways to save money on this ridiculously expensive affair. My findings lead me to eventually understand how this industry really works, and I am excited to share with you today some real ways to save money on your next car rental. Why is renting a car so expensive? Renting a car sometimes feels like throwing money away... If you've ever compared rates between the major car rental companies, you may have noticed that there's not much difference in price. That's because the car rental company space is an oligopoly – a select few companies control the whole North American market. What was once a diverse space consisting of 9 companies just a few short years ago

Is Going to College Worth It?

If you're interested in pursuing a specific, knowledge-based career path in a heavily regulated field such as medicine or engineering, college is unavoidable. But if you're like most young adults, you have multiple interests and you're open to exploring several options - as you should be. If this is the case, it's worth seriously re-assessing our options before making a financial commitment that may keep you an indentured servant into your 30's, or even 40's. The days of a 4 year college degree being the gold standard are over. For most for us, a 4 year college degree is simply not worth it. Why is college so expensive? 1. Universities are brands that don't offer full value for what you pay. No different than Nike, Apple or Coca Cola, universities in deregulated markets are businesses that engage in marketing activities to create clout and goodwill that customers are willing to pay for. Except in this case, the customers are the students If you