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Is Tour Edge Golf Worth It?

I played my first round of golf at the age of 13 and fell in love instantly. My uncle (who is also a lefty) gave me his old set of no-name brand clubs, which served me quite well as a beginner. But I had aspirations of joining the high school golf team, and not just any clubs would do!  I worked tirelessly shoveling snow in the winter and mowing lawns in the summer for 2 years until I had finally saved up enough cash to purchase the pricey set I had been dreaming about. Little did I know, I could have spent more time enjoying my summers (or spent that money on something else) by purchasing a brand of equipment that offers professional performance at a much more reasonable cost. What is Tour Edge Golf? Founded in 1985 by golf pro and entrepreneur David Glod, Tour Edge golf was created to give golfers an opportunity to buy high quality golf gear at affordable prices. The rising cost of golf equipment had become a barrier to entry to many people who would have otherwise

Are Cutco Knives Worth It?

Choosing the right set of kitchen knives is an important decision for any home chef. Cutco knives, with their reputation for quality and longevity, often make it onto the shortlist of considerations. But the question remains: are Cutco knives worth the investment? Let's dive into the key factors to consider when evaluating the value of Cutco knives. Are Cutco Knives Really Worth It?  Although they're offered at a high price point, Cutco knives are built to last. The company uses a cryogenic process to get the highest yields out of the steels they use to manufacture the knives, making them perform better than many other knives on the market. This proprietary process has been perfected over 70 years, since the company's inception in 1949, and they stand behind their products with a lifetime guarantee. The knives are designed with an ergonomic handle, so you feel very comfortable using them for long periods of time. And their patented "double D" edge makes slicin

Are Husky Floor Liners Worth It?

What are Husky Liners? Not to be confused with Home Depot's house brand Husky Tools, Husky Liners makes highly durable floor mats that are laser cut to fit the contours of your specific vehicle The value of Husky Liners lies in their engineered design. All mats have a patented cleat design on the bottom of the mats which keeps them from moving around under your feet without damaging your car floor, and patented edging which forms a firm barrier between the mat and your door jamb, preventing any dirt or debris from reaching your floor. This also makes them great for containing spills! Husky liners are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials, and built to stand up to just about any tough regular use. They're also super easy to install, remove and clean. Are Husky Floor Liners Worth It? Made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, Husky liners are definitely worth the price. They are guaranteed for life, making them an investment in yo

Are JanSport Backpacks Worth It?

Students put their backpacks through the ringer. They take their bags everywhere, drop them, drag them and toss them around - and their integrity is tested daily when they're filled to the brim with heavy books and other items. That's why having a good backpack is essential! Are JanSport Backpacks Worth the Price? Absolutely. JanSport has become one of the most popular brands of quality backpacks, due to over 50 years of consistently manufacturing durable, extra-reliable bags that stand the test of time. Unlike many other fashionable backpacks that offer more style than substance, JanSport bags are engineered to withstand heavy use and are manufactured with high-quality materials that are very resistant to tearing, puncturing and fading.   Is JanSport a good backpack? Extremely. JanSport's iconic "Right Pack" backpack features a suede leather bottom which adds stability (even under heavy loads) and helps the bag keep its sha

Is Briggs & Riley Worth the Price?

The first time I looked out the window of an airplane and noticed the baggage handlers playing hot potato with my suitcase, I became convinced of the importance of having a high quality suitcase to keep my valuables safe and protected when I travel. But how about the suitcase itself? Even if you don't travel often, you suitcase gets dragged around, bumped into, tossed around, hits things and gets crushed in the underbelly of the airplane every time you do use it. If you've ever purchased cheap luggage, you've surely noticed that after a few trips, a wheel is broken or the handle is falling off, and it's already time to start shopping for a new set. Buying quality luggage is always worth it!  Is Briggs & Riley Worth the Price? Briggs and Riley luggage is absolutely worth the price.   Briggs & Riley is backed by the most the most thorough, comprehensive and simply best warranty in the luggage industry. According to the company, it's truly unconditional.

Are Rockwell Razors Worth It?

The bait and switch model has been dominating the razor industry for years. They lure you in with a seemingly inexpensive razor, just to have you spend almost the same amount on replacement blades every month. Rockwell has entered the razor game with the hopes of changing the current model by re-introducing the cartridge-less double-edge razor.  Are Rockwell Razors Good? Rockwell is a new player on the scene that's changing the razor game. Rockwell has taken the cartridge-less double edged blade concept (safety razor) and re-engineered it to create a razor that gives every user a brilliantly close shave by allowing them to adjust the shave settings to match their skin type and stubble height. And no expensive blade replacements - just one razor built to last. Gone are the days when grandpa was the only one who used a safety razor! Are Rockwell Razors Worth It? Rockwell Razors are definitely worth the price because they are built to last a lifetime. The blade

How can I Save Money in Canada?

If you could cut out some of your current expenses without changing your lifestyle whatsoever, in the process freeing up cash to invest, or spend on something of value to you, would you do it? Most of us are guilty of having one or more regular expenditures that add little to no value, yet we keep spending our money out of habit. In this article, we identify and describe 10 expenditures that are worth cutting out immediately. Doing so will free up extra cash you can use to spend on things that matter more to you, and give you greater happiness and satisfaction. These tips will also help you achieve financial independence more quickly, if that's what you're after! Here are some practical and easy ways to save money in Canada: Cancel Unused Subscriptions We're all guilty of having at some point signed up for a gym membership, club or subscription service with great intentions, only to get busy with other things and before you know it, it you're barely going at