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Is Tour Edge Golf Worth It?

I played my first round of golf at the age of 13 and fell in love instantly. My uncle (who is also a lefty) gave me his old set of no-name brand clubs, which served me quite well as a beginner. But I had aspirations of joining the high school golf team, and not just any clubs would do! 

I worked tirelessly shoveling snow in the winter and mowing lawns in the summer for 2 years until I had finally saved up enough cash to purchase the pricey set I had been dreaming about. Little did I know, I could have spent more time enjoying my summers (or spent that money on something else) by purchasing a brand of equipment that offers professional performance at a much more reasonable cost.

Is Tour Edge a good golf brand

What is Tour Edge Golf?

Founded in 1985 by golf pro and entrepreneur David Glod, Tour Edge golf was created to give golfers an opportunity to buy high quality golf gear at affordable prices. The rising cost of golf equipment had become a barrier to entry to many people who would have otherwise been interested in taking up the sport. Today, Tour Edge still able to compete with golf's top name brands due to the amount of engineering that goes into the clubs, as well as the company's commitment to engaging relentlessly in R&D - a competency which has been a key to their consistent success. In the words of David Glod, he spends money "materials, not marketing". This is probably why the company is growing 25% year over year, in an industry where it isn't at all easy to make it.

Is tour edge a good golf brand

Is Tour Edge A Good Golf Brand?

I've had many different Tour Edge clubs in my bag over the years, and they have been among some of my all-time favorite clubs.  For me personally, the swing weight is perfect. The sound the irons make when you hit the sweet spot is just fantastic. And the wedges seem to move effortlessly through the rough, the sand and even fescue.

But I'm just an amateur, so don't take it from me - take it from the growing population of pros that are choosing to arm their bags with Tour Edge golf clubs. In 2018, there were 8 total wins on the PGA tour by players using Tour Edge clubs, 36 top 5 finishes and 66 top ten finishes. What's most amazing however is that Tour Edge does not pay professionals to use their products. That's right - Tour Edge spends no money to get professionals to use their clubs on tour! There is really no better testament to the quality of the product than this.

Is Tour Edge a good golf brand

Tour Edge Golf Warranty is the Best Around.

We can't think of another golf club company that stands behind their products as confidently as Tour Edge. The company guarantees every golf club for a lifetime of use, as long as you're the original owner of the clubs.

Even casual golfers put their clubs through quite a bit of punishment. That's why it's really important to have a quality set of clubs that are going to stand the test of time. Tour Edge is so confident in the longevity of their product that they are willing to guarantee your clubs for as long as you own them!

Use of the highest quality materials combined with the highest standards for quality manufacturing allow Tour Edge to guarantee their clubs for life. They are truly focused on giving as many people as possible an incredible golf experience.

Is Tour Edge a good golf brand

Where are Tour Edge Clubs Made?

Unlike many of the big name brands, Tour Edge clubs are designed and made in the United States. Starting in the 1990s, most of the major golf club companies began shifting their production overseas. Today, the bulk of golf club manufacturing is done in China (and some is done in Japan). In recent years China has become more advanced in forging and assembly methods, however their quality is generally no where near that of clubs made in America.

Where are Tour Edge golf clubs made? 

Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Clubs: Any Good?

The Tour Edge Bazooka Series are hands down the best value golf clubs you can find on the market today. They are not Tour Edge's most professional line, but they are higher quality and offer more performance and technology than just about any brand new clubs sold at the same price point. At a price of $299 US (or $389 CAD), you're getting more value than you would find in some sets that cost double or even triple the price. Bazooka clubs will serve any recreational golfer exceptionally well.

The Men's Bazooka 260 set offers users the full package, featuring:
  • An oversize 460cc graphite driver
  • An oversize, low profile graphite 3 wood
  • A very forgiving, low-profile #4 hybrid
  • Oversize cavity-back irons with an undercut for a larger sweet spot providing enhanced forgiveness
  • A brilliantly weighted putter with easy to use alignment
  • Premium, lightweight dual strap stand bag
Tour Edge Golf Bazooka
The Tour Edge Bazooka series offers the best value.

The Bazooka series is also available in women's

The Tour Edge Exotics

In 2005, Tour Edge broke into the super premium golf market with advent of the "Exotics" series. This tour-inspired line uses high end Japanese materials, brazed together to decrease weight and increase feel. These clubs are packed with advanced technology, and are the result of relentless engineering hours and R&D efforts. If you're an advanced golfer in the market for a very reasonably priced tour quality club that's going to take your game to the next level, Tour Edge Exotics are a must-try.

Who is in the Tour Edge Commercial?

In 2020, Tour Edge re-signed tour staff players Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, Tim Petrovic and Danny Waldorf who have appeared on air in several TV spots. 2020 marks the third year that these pros have been representing Tour Edge, and sporting Tour Edge gear on the course. Their resigning includes plans for an extensive TV advertising campaign.

tour edge golf warranty
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