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Is the Otterbox Worth It?

The Otterbox has been around since 1998, yet we still hear friends and acquaintances tell us that they wouldn't pay $40 for one. More than two decades after they hit the market, there is still quite a lot of debate as to whether spending $40-60 on an Otterbox phone or tablet case is worth it. As longtime Otterbox owners, we're going to break down the highlights of this protective case and let you in on the truth about whether the Otterbox is really worth the money.

Is the Otterbox Worth It?

There are three primary reasons why the Otterbox is worth it:

1. It has a lifetime warranty. 

We are big advocates of products that offer lifetime warranties. Not only does this practice demonstrate that the company in question stands behind their product, but it takes replacement cost off the table because you won't have to spend money on this product in the future. This is a factor that is overlooked by a lot of consumers, but can be a very important one depending on how important the product is to you.

Have you ever dropped your phone when it's been covered in a $10-20 case, and watched the case break instantly before your eyes? Every time that happens, you're out $10-20. (Not to mention, putting your phone at risk). Why not spend $40 or $50 and be protected for the entire time you're likely to own your phone?

I have enjoyed the benefit of this warranty on a couple of occasions (with two different phones). The process was simple and straightforward. I filled out a short form online and a accompanied it with a picture of my damaged Otterbox. The next week a new one showed up in the mail. 

2. It actually works. 

Having protected three different phones with Otterboxes since 2013, I can attest to the strength and durability of these cases. As a self proclaimed handyman who sometimes likes to take on projects beyond the scope of my capabilities, I often have my phone out during projects as I sift through YouTube for DIY videos. Countless times, I've dropped my phone in the process - sometimes from heights. I once dropped my phone from the roof (about 12 feet up) onto concrete while installing Christmas lights. The only resulting damage was to the thin piece of plastic just above the USB port. The phone escaped unscathed, taking no damage. Here's what the case looked like after the fall:
Damage to my Otterbox Commuter case.

I've had my Samsung Galaxy S7 in an Otterbox Commuter Series case ever since I acquired the phone back in March 2016. This is what my phone looks like after almost 3 years:
My Otterbox commuter is in great shape after 3 years.

The screen protector hasn't been replaced since early 2016, so as you can see there is a little bit of peeling happening in the upper right-hand corner. This happened due to careless handling of the phone near an acidic substance in the garage, which resulted in an unfortunate accident. Besides this, the screen protector is in perfect shape and held up tremendously well considering the 2 years and 10 months of heavy use I put it through.
Back of my Otterbox Commuter Case.

The back of the phone is in perfect condition. Despite several drops from higher than pocket-level heights, the back of the case shows no scuffs, scratches or structural damage. The camera is also in perfect shape. The highly impact-resistant materials surrounding the camera keep this sensitive area from breaking when your phone takes an impact after being dropped. 
My Otterbox Commuter.
Highly impact-resistant material keeps your phone camera intact.

Overall, I'm not surprised with the positive result. This brand is trusted by tradespeople, contractors working in industrial environments and even the military, as Otterbox also makes battlefield accessories. Surely, these cases should work for the needs of people who don't put their phones through such rigorous conditions. 

3. Otterbox protects your investment. 

Your phone is likely one of the most valuable assets you own. It contains some of your most valuable and sensitive information, and you use it every day. Our phones are more powerful than some of the popular computer models on the market merely 10 years ago. For this reason they're no longer just communication devices, but have become all-in-one tools on which we do our Christmas shopping, make bank transactions, and store our most valued memories through photos and videos. The average American adult spends an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes per day just on apps alone. Given the integral role our phones play in our lives, wouldn't you want to spend a extra $20 to buy a protective case that you know is going to work? It's not worth taking the chance on a poor quality case. We most definitely suggesting buying one

Otterbox Commuter case.
You use your phone for everything. It's important to keep it safe!

Which Otterbox is the most protective?

Although all Otterboxes provide excellent protection, the Defender is the gold standard, especially designed for people who put their phones through the rough conditions. These cases are popular among those in construction and industrial environments because they can withstand a lot of punishment while keeping your phone safe.

Defender series cases feature three layers of protection including a foam-lined inner shell which protects the device by absorbing impact damage caused by dropping your it. The outer slip cover serves to guard against dirt and dust, and also protects the back and sides of your devices from scuffs, scratches and denting. Finally, a built in cover comes with the case to guard against screen damage.

The Otterbox Commuter case however also offers exceptional value - it's still one of the most highly durable phone cases available. For a little bit more money than your average phone case, the Otterbox commuter offers far better impact resistance, scratch guarding and general protection than most other cases out there.

What does Otterbox drop protection mean? 

Is the otterbox worth it?
All Otterboxes are certified through a rigorous process that the company refers to as "Drop Protection". Every design undergoes 24 unique tests, resulting in over 238 total hours of testing per unit. The scope of the testing actually goes far beyond simply ensuring the case can withstand drop impact. Each protective case is tested for the real world, going through testing against extreme temperatures, high humidity, and even a special "sweat test".  The company places emphasis on using high-level design engineering to create the most robust product possible.

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  2. My boyfriend dropped his iPhone this morning, the Otterbox case broke & his phone shattered on the corner. My case & phone also broke & shattered when it fell out of my pocket. Unfortunately, the warranty only covers very limited situations and the "Lifetime" warranty is 2 years...the time they estimate the case to last. The fine line print for the warranty outlines everything that will NOT be covered. I should have read THAT instead of trusting the salesman that there was a "LIFETIME" coverage. Sadly, there is not.

  3. NOT worth the extra money!! The wording of "Lifetime" warranty is deceptive. The warranty is for 2 years from date of purchase and must be registered.

  4. Bs have had multiple phones break in an otterbox and they do nothing to help you but they'll give you another case for you new phone to break in as well!

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  6. The history of Hagerty and Nancy Coon has become just as important in Apple history as Steve Jobs himself. The two began to go at it when one major seller told them they'd have better luck selling cases without a case, so Otterbox was born. Nancy only knew one word, so she alliterated it: Otter . At the time they were too busy with their family and real estate projects to focus on making money selling the case , but after hearing a recommendation from Tech Refresh in 1998, Nancy set out to extend her husband's vision of protecting what matters most-your mobile device. in on the truth about whether the Otterbox is really worth the money.

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