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Are Rockwell Razors Worth It?

The bait and switch model has been dominating the razor industry for years. They lure you in with a seemingly inexpensive razor, just to have you spend almost the same amount on replacement blades every month. Rockwell has entered the razor game with the hopes of changing the current model by re-introducing the cartridge-less double-edge razor. 
Are Rockwell Razors Good

Are Rockwell Razors Good?

Rockwell is a new player on the scene that's changing the razor game. Rockwell has taken the cartridge-less double edged blade concept (safety razor) and re-engineered it to create a razor that gives every user a brilliantly close shave by allowing them to adjust the shave settings to match their skin type and stubble height. And no expensive blade replacements - just one razor built to last. Gone are the days when grandpa was the only one who used a safety razor!

Are Rockwell Razors Worth It?

Rockwell Razors are definitely worth the price because they are built to last a lifetime. The blades only cost 10 cents each compared to new cartridges for cartridge razors which can cost $1-3 each and only last for a few shaves. A Rockwell Razor is an investment which will pay back its initial cost many times over in comparison to a cartridge razor which has a low upfront cost and high long term cost.

Are rockwell razors good

Are Safety Razors Really Better?

Yes, safety are superior to cartridge razors for a number of reasons:

1. Safety razors provide the closest shave you can get. The blade angle of asafety razor is perfectly suited to slice through the your hair, as opposed to cartridge razors which tug and pull at your hair. This is what causes razor burn. 

2. You only need one blade. When you shave with a conventional cartridge razor that uses multiple blades, the bottom blade is doing most of the work, while the other blades mainly scrape the already shaved skin resulting in further irritation.

3. They're easier on your skin. The weight of the steel does all the work, so you don't have to apply any pressure. It only takes a few shaves to master the technique, and once you do, the result is less irritation, fewer nicks and no more razor burn. 
Check out this awesome video tutorial on how to shave with a safety razor:

Where are Rockwell Razors made? 

Although they are manufactured in China, Rockwell double-edged blades are made using Swedish stainless steel.

How long do Rockwell Razors last?

Rockwell Razors last for about 2 years of shaving, while each blade is good for between 4-8 shaves.

Are Rockwell Razors good?
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