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Is a Canada Goose Jacket Worth It?

Is Canada Goose Worth it?If you've never owned a Canada Goose jacket, the first word that probably pops into your mind at the mere mention of the brand's name is...expensive. Not so fast!

I purchased my second Canada Goose parka at the end of 2013, and can say with certainty that it was one of the best purchases I've ever made, and worth every penny. Canada Goose jackets are an investment that hold their value over time. Hand-stitched and made with the highest quality, Canadian-sourced materials, owners often don't even need to take advantage of the lifetime guarantee that Canada Goose offers. Tested in sub-zero conditions, they stand up fiercely to the elements, and are sure to make your cold winters much easier to bear.

These jackets are a classic example of the difference between high "price" and high "cost". While yes, the price point of these jackets certainly is high, the incredible value you're getting when you buy a Canada Goose indicates that the true cost to the buyer is actually quite low. The following reasons demonstrate why.

Canada Goose Jackets Hold Their Value.

Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?
Don't let the high price tag fool you. Yes, they may be quite a bit more expensive than your average jacket, but they don't depreciate in value the same way most other jackets do, making them an investment.

I paid $1100 for my Canada Goose Expedition Parka 5 years ago. A quick search of Kijiji reveals that I can sell my jacket for almost as much as I paid. I noted several listings asking between $800-900 for the exact same jacket.

If I sold my jacket tomorrow for $800, I would have only paid effectively $300 for 5 years' use of the warmest jacket I've ever owned. That's only $60 per year. Quite frankly, there is no $300 jacket out there that can stand up to a Canada Goose in terms of quality, longevity and warmth. And your average $300 jacket will be worth a fraction of what you paid for it after one year's use.

They have a Lifetime Guarantee.

Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?Provided you have proof of purchase and your jacket still has its seal of authenticity, Canada Goose offers you a lifetime guarantee against defects in the material or workmanship of the product.

Fill out a brief form online accompanied by a picture of the defect and proof of purchase, send in your jacket, and they will send you back your coat good as new. It's that simple.

They're made with the highest quality materials.

Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?Most Canada Goose owners don't need to take advantage of the lifetime guarantee because the jackets are so well made to begin with.

Made in Canada since 1957, these coats embody high quality in every detail from the 2 million Canadian goose down filaments that make up the DNA of the jacket, to the precision hand stitching that holds it all together. Despite the high volume of material, the jackets feel light as air. This is because the Hutterite down is extremely lightweight and excellent at retaining warm air, meaning that you don't have to compromise warmth for comfort.

On the jackets with fur, Canada Goose uses Coyote fur which doesn't freeze or hold water, and does an excellent job of providing a barrier against the wind.

There's value in warmth.

My previous Goose jacket (bomber style) kept me warm for years during a daily 10 minute walk from the subway to my university building in the mist of several frigid Toronto winters with seemingly frost bite-inducing winds.
Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?

If you've live in place with cold winters and have had to brave a daily commute in the midst of a harsh, mid-January snowstorm, you likely know how uncomfortable is to be wearing a jacket that lets the cold through.
Depending on how much time you spend outdoors, and how cold your local climate is, there could be a lot of utility for you in owning a high quality coat that keeps you warm.

Although you pay a premium for a Canada Goose jacket, you're gaining the huge benefit of not being cold in the wintertime. These jackets are tested in -70 degree Celsius conditions, making frigid winters no match for this professionally engineered winter fashion.

They're Highly Fashionable

Canada Goose Parka
We wouldn't be advocating for Canada Goose jackets if they weren't highly utilitarian and excellent value for the money. But beyond the practical benefits, these jackets offer a multitude of models with sophisticated, elegant styling that compliment both casual and formal wardrobes, and everything in between. Just look at how well Daniel Craig rocks a Goose coat to compliment his classy style as James Bond in Spectre. Off the big screen, Emma Stone, Drake, Tom Hardy and a number of other A-listers have been spotted wearing Canada Goose parkas, bombers and vests.

Is a Canada Goose jacket worth it?

Are Canada Goose jackets waterproof?

Are Canada Goose jackets waterproof?
In 2018 Canada Goose introduced a three layer, four way stretch fabric called "Strati-Dry" which is completely waterproof. Jackets not made with Strati-Dry are equipped with a water-repellent finish which makes them water-resistant.  All Goose jackets owned by Worth It team members are not made with Strati-Dry, but in our experience the water resistant fabrics offer more than enough protection to keep the wearer dry for extended periods during moderate rainfall. We've had no issues with quick stints under heavy rainfall either.

Do Canada Goose coats go on sale?

No, and for good reason - they sell out every year. Retailers are typically left with little to no Canada Goose inventory at the end of the winter season, so there is no need to cut prices in order to move product. Canada Goose is also very selective about which stores are allowed to stock their products, tending toward higher-end retailers of quality fashions and outdoor gear. Such retailers are less likely to discount merchandise.

Canada Goose Bombers: Are they warm?

Yes - Canada Goose bomber jackets are made with the exact same internal materials as their longer counterparts. The lower price is simply due to the fact that their short length results in fewer materials used to manufacture the jackets.

People tend to ask whether the Canada Goose bombers are warm likely because professional outdoors-people are typically seen wearing the parkas. The biggest difference between the Canada Goose parkas and bombers is simply that the parkas keep your lower midsection warmer. The Expedition Parka is rated for a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the jackets, but all of them including the bombers will do an exceptional job at keeping you warm in even frigid winter conditions.

Check out BRANDMADE.TV's awesome mini-doc showing how Canada Goose jackets are made:

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